Tasting Table Oro de Lidia Tequila

Tasting Table Oro de Lidia Tequila
Join us this Thursday, July 12th, 2018 through Saturday, July 14th at Añejo Tribeca for our Tequila Sommelier tasting table from 5pm to 7pm. This week we will be featuring Oro de Lidia Tequila.
Oro de Lidia is the brand launched by the Rivera family of Amatitan, Jalisco.  The Rivera family had been in the business of farming and cultivating agave for four generations when in 2006 they expanded their knowledge and expertise to distillation as well to create a tequila of their very own.  Originally created for time honored Spanish bullfighting event, ‘Fiesta Brava’, Oro de Lidia is named for the dance bestowed upon the bravest matador, and honors the values of hard work, bravery, and celebration.
Amanda Swanson
Tequila Sommelier
Añejo Tribeca