Vago Tasting Table

Vago Tasting Table
Join us Friday 3/16/2018 through Saturday 3/17/2018 at Añejo Tribeca for our Tequila Sommelier’s Tasting Table between 5pm and 7pm each day.  This week we will be featuring Mezcal Vago.
Mezcal Vago was founded by two friends, Dylan and Judah, who had fallen in love with Oaxaca, moved there to open a beachside bar and eventually found their way into the depths of the world of mezcal.  While working at their bar, Judah met his future wife, Valentina, who’s father was a long time mezcalero by the name of Aquilino Garcia Lopez and became the main mezcalero for what is now Mezcal Vago.
Over time as Vago expanded, they decided to highlight different terroirs and mezcaleros by putting together a team in different regions producing various expressions of mezcal.  All of their mezcals are produced using time honored, labor intensive methods all categorized as Artisanal with the exception of those produced by Tio Rey, which are actually made with such ancient methods that he is one of few to be categorized as Ancestral.
At the tasting table this weekend we will be featuring:
Elote by Aquilino Garcia Lopez
Espadin by Joel Barriga
Ensamble en Barro by Tio Rey
Madre Cuixe by Emigdio Jarquin