Riazul/Riazuleño tasting table

Riazul/Riazuleño tasting table
This Friday and Saturday night between 5pm and 7pm at our Tribeca location, our Tequila Sommelier Amanda Swanson will be featuring Agave Spirit Expressions from Riazul.

Over 200 years ago during the Mexican War of Independance, Maria Higinia Gomez became the beneficiary of 10,000 acres of land in modern day Arandas.  Maria gave away much of that land to the revolutionaries who fought for Mexico’s freedom.  The remaining 620 acres remained in her family for until the late 1990s when Inaki Orozco became the beneficiary of the land.  

            Inaki went to work cultivating the land for the harvesting of agave.  His original goal was to grow premiums agaves to sell to tequila companies, but over time that dream turned into a desire to create a tequila of his own that was afforable, but still a luxury tequila that can be sipped. In 1998 he founded Riazul.
             Unlike most tequilas that are aged in a linear progression, each expression of Riazul has its own unique barreling profiles. The plata is rested in open wood pipones for 15 days, the reposado is a 9 month blend of both French and American oak, and the Añejo is aged for 2 years in XO cognac barrels.

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