Mezcales De Leyenda

Mezcales De Leyenda

This week we are excited to be featuring Mezcales De Leyenda at our Tasting Table on Friday and Saturday between 5pm and 7pm in Tribeca.

In 1996 in two separate regions Cesar and Juan were simultaneously falling in love with the elixir that is mezcal. The two got together and began exploring this unique spirit and forming relationships with master mezcaleros all throughout Mexico. In 2005 they opened the first mezcal only bar, La Botica, and soon an artisanal line of unique mezcals was born; Mezcales de Leyenda.

This weekend we are featuring 5 expressions from 5 different master mezcaleros in 5 different regions.

We will be featuring the original 2006 releases:
Durango, a Cenizo expression by Ventura Gallegos
Oaxaca, an Espadin expression by Saul Martinez
Guerrero, a Cupreata expression by Oscar Obregon
As well as the 2017 releases:
San Luis Potosí a Salmiana expression by Juan Jose Hernandez
Puebla a Tobala expression by Don Federico Valentin Alva Ibanez

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