Chamucos Tequila

Chamucos Tequila

This Friday and Saturday night, January 19th and 20th, we will be featuring Chamucos Tequila at our tasting table which will be setup between 5pm and 7pm. Please join us for a taste and brief introduction to this amazing selection of Agave Spirits.

When Chamucos launched in 1994, they originally only produced their signature reposado expression. “Chamucos” are believed to be mischievous, shadowy creatures who visit at night. Many distilleries in Mexico claim sightings of these Chamucos and blame their “Angel’s Share” of their aged products on the creatures, hence the origin of the brand name.
This eco-friendly brand later launched their Certified Organic Blanco in 2009, and the Anejo in 2010. The entire line is Certified Non-GMO, their distillery uses machinery designed to reduce emissions, and all of the glass used for bottling, the paper used for labeling, and the cardboard used for packaging is 100% recycled material.

Amanda Swanson
Anejo Tribeca
Tequila Sommelier

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