This Friday and Saturday night we will be featuring ArteNOM Tequila at our tasting table which will be setup between 5pm and 7pm.  Please join us for a taste and brief introduction to this amazing selection of Agave Spirits.  We are so proud of these Agave Producers that we are featuring them in this months Agave Pairing Dinner on Monday, January 29th.

On the back of every bottle of Tequila & Mezcal is a 4 digit NOM, specific to the standards of the distillery where each spirit is crafted.  Unlike most brands that distill, barrel, and age their products in the same Hacienda, ArteNOM, or Art of the NOM, brings limited release “Selecciones” from various Master Artisan Distillers from all over Jalisco.  This means each expression is hand crafted by a different world class distiller using agave from various terroir and regions.

1579 Blanco – brought to us by Felipe Camarena of the highly sustainable El Pandillo Distillery in Jesus-Maria
1549 Organic Blanco – brought to us by Ramon Sandoval of El Arenal Distillery uses all certified organic lowland agaves, creating the distinct flavor of this beautiful un-aged expression.
1414 Reposado – brought to us by Sergio Cruz, master distiller for the Vivanco family of the Feliciano Vivanco y Asociados, or “Destileria El Ranchito”
1146 Anejo – brought to us by Enrique Fonesca of La Tequilena and master distiller of our coveted Fuentesca Cosecha Blanco

Amanda Swanson
Anejo Tribeca
Tequila Sommelier

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